“13″ – Gallery 1313 Members Exhibit, Sept 18-29, 2013

"13" Gallery 1313 Exhibition

Gallery 1313
September 18-29
1313 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON

Reception Thursday September 19, 7-10pm
Hours: Wednesday-Sunday, 1-6pm

Be sure to check out “13” at Gallery 1313 starting this Thursday September 17 at 7pm. Every year the gallery holds at least one members group exhibition, showcasing their latest work. This September’s exhibition will include the work of over twenty talented artists in a variety of media.

I will be participating in this exhibition along with fellow artists: Kim Stanford, Andre Kim, Diana Dickson, Ethel Christensen, Andre Kan, Sharon Erlichman, Gwen Tooth, Michelle Montague, Evan Steenson, Jerome McNicholl, Gregg Allan McGivern, Paul Brandejs, Quincy Morrison St Kitts, Signy Eaton, John Ferri, Philippa Hajdu, Julia Hacker, Nehleh M, Ella Day, and others.

Inaugural Art Walk North 2013 pics

The inaugural Art Walk North took place this past Friday and Saturday (August 16 and 17) in Mel Lastman Square at the North York Civic Centre. The sun was blazing with an occasional breeze to give us relief. Once again The Artists Network did a great job organizing this event.  The venue was accessible – Just off of Yonge Street in the heart of North York to engage both the local business and residential communities. The food was great; smoked deli sandwiches, chicken and pork shish kebabs, corn on the cob, ice-cream, need I say more? And the music set the tone for an enjoyable event.

Thank-you to everyone who came out to support our local artists!

Check out the below pics from the show.



Inaugural Art Walk North, August 16-17, 2013

Good news!

I’m pleased to announced that I’ve been selected to participate in the inaugural Art Walk North. The event which, takes place on August 16 and 17, at Mel Lastman Square, Toronto, CAN will feature 60 exhibiting artists. Entrance is free to the public.

Stop by booth #49, say hello, and see my works!

Hours and Location:
August 16, 11am – 8pm
August 17, 11am – 6pm
Mel Lastman Square

Art Walk North 2013







15th Annual Riverdale Art Walk pics

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Riverdale Art Walk on June 1-2. Though it was a little cooler, with scattered showers throughout the weekend, there was still a steady flow of  people traffic.  There were some sunny breaks in between and the artisans (myself included) were more than happy to bask in its warmth.  The food was great, the music was fun and the atmosphere was cheery.  Overall it was a great experience – Thanks to the Artist’s Network and all the volunteers.

Check out the below pics from the show. All works that were featured at the art walk are now posted online under the ‘Organics’ series.


Organics at Gallery 1313

Thanks to all those who attended the Organics exhibit at Gallery 1313. Opening night for the exhibition was shared with the Gallery 44 artists members of the Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival

Here are some snapshots of the works installed before the opening.  Detailed images of the works from this exhibit will be posted soon.


Upcoming Exhibition at Gallery 1313, May 1-12, 2013

Of or relating to a living entity;

In chemistry;
(1) : of, relating to, or containing carbon compounds (2) : relating to, being, or dealt with by a branch of chemistry concerned with the carbon compounds of living beings and most other carbon compounds.

“Organic” Merriam-Webster.com., Merriam-Webster, 2013
Fri. April  19, 2013

In this series, Michelle Montague uses embroidery, acrylic and oil sticks to explore patterns we may find in Nature and their relationship to the greater world. The combination of overlapping gestural lines creates a world immersed in fantasy, yet arrangement of shapes and colours resembles patterns found in living organisms. Through this body of work the artist continues her study of Nature, the life energy and its everlasting process of rejuvenation.

Gallery 1313,
1313 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON

Hours: Wednesday-Sunday, 1-6pm
Reception: Thursday, May 2, 7 pm

Elgin Wintergarden Group Exhibition and other news

Good evening!

Just a quick note to checkout Gallery 1313’s Tumblr page for all the gallery’s latest updates.

Also I’m pleased to announce that my work “Movement With Sequence” is now in the Elgin Wintergarden Group Exhibition at the historical Elgin Theatre, curated by Rupert Young. Access to the exhibit is by appointment. For viewings contact Rupert at 416-821-7073.


Night Moves exhibition at Gallery 1313

Thanks to everyone who came out to Gallery 1313 for the Night Moves members exhibit. The show was a great success with over 1,000 visitors dropping in to view the works on the night of Nuit Blanche! The show ran from September 19th to the 20th. I had one art piece in the show and I’m pleased to say that it was well received as this series is still in the development phase – More on that later.  In the meantime, checkout these pics!


Microcosm at Gallery 1313

Thanks to all those who attended the Microcosm exhibit at Gallery 1313.  I am pleased to say that the show was a success.  The idea for this work started with a series of quick sketches on the subway, using just a notebook and a blue ball-point pen.  This is where I began thinking about the Microcosm series (works on paper) and the Impressions of Kinetic Creation series (paintings).  I wanted to create a body of work that was spontaneous and ever-changing, telling a series of ‘fantastical’ events taking place.

Here are some snapshots of the works installed before the opening on Thursday, February 23rd.  Detailed images of the works from this exhibit are now posted to the site.



Upcoming Exhibition at Gallery 1313, Feb 22-Mar 4, 2012


Also called microcosmos, takes its origin from the Middle English word of microcosme or Medieval Latin mīcrocosmus, from Greek mīkròs kósmos, meaning ‘little world’. Especially:

  1. the human race or human nature seen as an epitome of the world or the universe
  2. a community or other unity that is an epitome of a larger unity”Microcosm” Merriam-Webster.com., Merriam-Webster, 2012
    Thurs., Feb 2 2012

In this exhibition, Michelle uses the visual queues of story-telling to explore the idea of Nature as an active participant of a micro-universe.  With overlapping gestural lines, the artist intuitively creates a world immersed in fantasy.  In this series of drawings and paintings, images of strange creature inhabitants try to balance a delicate relationship with their “mother” – Nature.  The work depicts a series of events, where the creatures find themselves in a world where the forces of “mother” are ever so present; they are physically “caught” in the process.  Much like ourselves, the creatures are both loved and scorned by their well-being “mother” as they get jostled about like goldfish in a tiny bowl of water.  Through this body of work the artist attempts to further her understanding of Nature, the life energy and its ever lasting process of rejuvenation.

From the Soul Exhibition at Royal Ontario Museum (ROM)

July 23 to August 13, 2010, Toronto CAN

I am pleased to announce that my works will be part of From the Soul art exhibition at Royal Ontario Museum along side fellow artists such as Izzy Ohiro, Nicole Pena, Darrell McCalla and among others. From the Soul: Caribana Art Exhibit is a COLOURblind! art exhibit produced by the Association of African-Canadian Artists.

For more information click here

Royal Ontario Museum
100 Queen’s Park
Toronto, CAN
M5S 2C6
Telephone: 416.586.8000

Hours of Operation:
Monday to Thursday: 10:00 am – 5:30 pm
Friday: 10:00 am – 9:30 pm
Saturday and Sunday: 10:00 am – 5:30 pm

Mythological Landscapes Art Exhibition at Impressions Art Gallery

June 23-July 7,  2009 , Toronto CAN

I am pleased to announce that a small collections of my works will be on exhibit at Impressions Art Gallery starting June 23rd and will remain throughout the Yorkville Art Walk until July 7th.

Mythological Landscapes is an ongoing series where atmospheric spaces, heightened colours and artificial skies have melded together rejuvenating nature in the formation of a new existence.

Impressions Art Gallery
102 Yorkville Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
M5R 1B9