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This year two of my works will be part of the COLOURblind? 2008 touring exhibition.

Based on this year’s MASK theme, rather than using a literal definition, I have decided to use a metaphorical interpretation through the depiction of two figures using myself as the model. The works entitled “Today We Are, Tomorrow We Will Be”, lies in the theories that challenges the perception of reality and encourages the continual research and questioning of certain truths that have been presented before us. The compound effect they have is illustrated via a transition, referencing the result of a manipulated world, where the seemingly otherworld created by technology has become part of one’s daily existence.

Touring at various locations in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Mississauga, Vaughan and Brampton, this year’s show will feature the works of several Canadian artists. Some of the locations include:
Metro Hall,
Vaughan Public Library,
Scarborough Civic Centre,
Mississauga Heritage Centre

For more information please visit: COLOURblind?

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