Sanctum (January 2014 – March 2015) is an interpretation of patterns found in Nature. In this body of work, I use crochet, acrylic and oil sticks,  to create interlocking gestural lines and arrange shapes and colours. These elements serve as metaphors of our own indivisibility and oneness with Nature.


Organics (April – September 2013 ) In this series,  I use embroidery, acrylic and oil sticks to explore patterns we may find in Nature and their relationship to the greater world. The combination of overlapping gestural lines creates a world immersed in fantasy, yet arrangement of shapes and colours resembles patterns found in living organisms – the building blocks of Life.  Through this body of work is a continuation of the study of Nature, the life energy and its everlasting process of rejuvenation.

Impressions of Kinetic Creation


Terra Forma

The Terra Forma series (April – June 2009), represents visual meditations brought out through the music of Vangelis’ Heaven and Hell; and Delerium’s Forgotten Worlds, and Angelicus. The integration of vocals, electronica and traditional instruments in these songs depicts on canvas a world in perpetual movement – where there is no separation between Earth and sky.