Watch me paint Our Neighbour, the American Robin

Our Neighbour, the American Robin – June 2020

I’ve posted my second video documenting my painting session of the work titled, Our Neighbour, the American Robin. Watch the video on my blog.

This work is part of the Wild Imperfections series.

Painting Our Neighbour, the American Robin | video

Our Neighbour, the American Robin is the second of a two-panel painting (also known as a diptych). Created using oil paints on a 18″x24″ canvas, this piece took me about 1 week complete. And since this is the second panel, I started off by drawing a rough sketch of the Robin’s nest just so that I have an idea of its placement in relation to the subject in the first panel.

After observing robins for a few years, I’ve come to appreciate how resourceful they are. For example, the nest depicted in this painting was built on the downspout of my neighbour’s house and stood intact for four years – until the home owner finally decided to take it down after it was abandoned. I’ve seen this nest withstand wind gusts of up to 90 km/h and weathered many storms – while the female robin was sitting on it! Each year a robin returned, she would add new twigs, and grass to it, in preparation to lay her eggs. After the babies have hatched and left the nest, sparrows would take bits and pieces from it to build their own. I’ve seen three generations of robins hatch in this nest and was I amazed with each experience.

This work is part of the Wild Imperfections series.

If you want to see how I painted the first panel, check out my previous video.

YouTube video

Painting the American Robin | video

American Robin took me about 30 hrs to complete and has gone through quite the evolution. The bird in this oil painting was inspired by an actual Robin that nests in my backyard.

My vision for this painting was to have the Robin perched atop a tree. I want the painting to have a feeling of movement and colour. Imagine being out on a walk in the morning, the sun has already risen, the air is warm, but slightly breezy. The world is awake. Sounds of Cardinals, Finches, Starlings, Chickadees and Sparrows fill the air, but it’s the American Robins greeting that gets my attention today and is my inspiration for this art piece. Having observed Robins for a few years, I’ve come to enjoy and appreciate these industrious birds from their nest building skills to how they nurture their young.

This is my first video, so I’m still trying figure out the ideal set-up for film and editing, so there will be some instances where I’m blocking the shot – but I sincerely tried my best and I’m still learning.

This work is part of the Wild Imperfections series.

YouTube video

Upcoming Exhibition at Gallery 1313, March 18-29, 2015

Montague evite1_MatterofExpressionMar2015In “A Matter of Expression” cell-like organisms alternate between growth and decay and, light and shade. They guide the viewer through an exploration of nature, life energy, and rejuvenation. Using crochet, acrylic and oil sticks, Michelle explores interlocking gestural lines and the arrangement of shapes and colours. These elements serve as metaphors of our oneness with Nature.

Gallery 1313
1313 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON
Hours: Wednesday-Sunday, 1-6pm
Reception: Wednesday, March 18, 7 pm

Click here for more information about Gallery 1313








Sanctum (January 2014 – March 2015) is an interpretation of patterns found in Nature. In this body of work, I use crochet, acrylic and oil sticks,  to create interlocking gestural lines and arrange shapes and colours. These elements serve as metaphors of our own indivisibility and oneness with Nature.

Sanctum at Gallery 1313

The exhibition of my latest series of works, titled “Sanctum” kicked off on Wednesday, April 16th in the Cell Gallery at Gallery 1313. Thursday night the gallery held a joint opening reception for fellow artists, Paul Brandjes, Milena Roglic and myself. The show is open until April 27th, so be sure to check it out. Below are some pics of my works (taken after installation) and the reception.

Gallery 1313
Hours and location
Wednesday – Sunday, 1:00 pm – 6:00 pm
1313 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON
Phone: 416-536-6778


New Works Added to Organics Series

New works have been added to the Organics Series in the Paintings section. Be sure to check it out!
Here’s a sneak peak of two of my newer paintings. Both are mixed media – Embroidery, acrylic and oil stick:

Untitled_July272013 Untitled_Aug22013










Organics at Gallery 1313

Thanks to all those who attended the Organics exhibit at Gallery 1313. Opening night for the exhibition was shared with the Gallery 44 artists members of the Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival

Here are some snapshots of the works installed before the opening.  Detailed images of the works from this exhibit will be posted soon.


Impressions of Kinetic Creation


The Song Never Ends

The Song Never Ends (January 2008 – March 2010) is a compilation of  atmospheric spaces, which I like to revisit every now and then.  This is where I like to play with washes of colour.   Nature is my muse and through my work, I communicate my love for her.  The arrangement of organic structures, heightened colours and artificial skies meld together, rejuvenating life for a new existence. Once transformed, these spaces become timeless monuments, and any historical reference they might have had is just a passing memory. The softness and subtleties of colours in contrast to the harshness of dark lines of various thicknesses are techniques inspired from my drawing practice.


Without Divide


Terra Forma

The Terra Forma series (April – June 2009), represents visual meditations brought out through the music of Vangelis’ Heaven and Hell; and Delerium’s Forgotten Worlds, and Angelicus. The integration of vocals, electronica and traditional instruments in these songs depicts on canvas a world in perpetual movement – where there is no separation between Earth and sky.