The View From Here

There’s a place in Toronto that I love to visit. It’s home to various local wildlife and is a waypoint for migratory birds. The trees are densely packed and the light that bounces off their leaves casts a kaleidoscope of shadows on the forest floor. As I look north, south, east and west, it is here that I feel grounded, deep in thought and entranced by the sunlight.

The View From Here (June 2020 – ) is a growing series of paintings which depicts the surrounding scenes viewed from some of my favourite spots inside Marie Curtis Park.



Watch me paint the Light at the Edge of the Forest

The Light at the Edge of the Forest – Sep 2020

I’ve posted my video documenting my painting session of the work titled, The Light at the Edge of the Forest. Watch the video on my blog.

This work is part of the Wild Imperfections series.