4 Cardinal Points Exhibition at Gallery 1313, May 25 – June 4, 2017

On Saturday, May 27, 2017, the Women’s Art Project (WAP), 4 Cardinal Points art exhibition opened with a reception and artist talk at Gallery 1313. Coinciding with the Toronto Doors Open event, the gallery was bustling with around 500 visitors on the first day! Gallery 1313 played host to both art enthusiasts and tourists, looking to take in the art and learn more about the gallery’s historical building. Thanks to everyone who showed their support for WAP and Gallery 1313.

For myself, it’s always a pleasure to show with great contemporary artists like Lisa Fox, Zoraida Anaya and Aviva. And I look forward to next showing with this talented group! You can read about my painting from this exhibit here.

Below are some photos of the show just after set-up. Take care!


Upcoming 4 Cardinals Points art exhibition at Gallery 1313, May 25 – June 4, 2017

The Women’s Art Project  is a multidisciplinary and diverse group of women artists. The artistic intentions of the collective make experimental work in a supportive, inspiring and collaborative environment.

Gallery 1313 is a not-for-profit, charitable artist-run centre located in the Parkdale neighbourhood of downtown Toronto. Gallery 1313 is equally an artist run centre exhibiting local, national and international contemporary art.

Gallery 1313
1313 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON
Hours: Wednesday-Sunday, 1-6pm
Phone: 416-536-6778



PHAC Artist Talk and Exhibition

February 15- March 31, 2008 , Toronto CAN
Program: Art in the Workplace
Curator: Julie Crooks

From February 15 to March 31, 2008, my works will be featured at the Public health Agency of Canada as part of the Art in the Workplace program curated by Julie Crooks. The exhibition will feature for the first time 21 pieces newly created for 2008. In addition, I will also be giving an artist talk and walking tour of the work on March 17th. The artist talk will explain the working process behind the paintings and its transformation from landscape into the realm of abstraction.

Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC)
180 Queen Street E.
Toronto, ON, CAN
M5V 3L7


Artist Talk, Valley Park Middle School

As part of the Human Rights Through Art Exhibition and Black History Month I was invited by the communications coordinator Melanie Vendrame of Coca-Cola to talk to the grade 7 and 8 students of Valley Park Middle School who were visiting on location (Toronto, CAN). The students and I discussed how important it is exercise your rights and to be an active participant in the community no matter how big or small. The students were most impressive in their knowledge and questions about human rights and I have to say it was fun spending time with them. They also had questions about my work as an artist and the arts in general. When asked why did I become an artist, I responded that in the arts you have the opportunity to communicate on a different level and if you have a dream then you most definitely have to reach for it. For the sky is not the limit and every voice needs to be heard.