The REALM of Belief

The REALM of Belief - Time

The REALM of Belief: Time, Beginning, Ending and Light (December 2006 – March 2007) are the manifestations of worlds colliding during a time of transition into the next phase of existence. While What once was, The REALM and The Temple Mount (March 2007) are continuations of The REALM of Belief depicting the ending, transition and the beginning of life.

Details of a New World

Details of a New World (October 2006) are sections of a scroll drawing that spans a total of 378 inches (31.5ft) in length. Inspired by alternative science research on genetic manipulation and memory, the scroll is a visual depiction of a reality that is beyond what we create, worlds of higher and lower frequencies some of which are seen while others go unnoticed.

Horizon Disturbances

Horizon Disturbances (September- October 2006) is where I started to formulate my thoughts on the subject of coexistence between nature and industry as part of a manipulated environment.  These images were based from sketches and photos taken throughout the city of Windsor, ON- the place of my youth.  The ‘organic shadows’ that have spawned as a result of technology have now become a seamless part of life.  In these works, Windsor ceases to exist as these ‘shadows’ symbolize a gradual take over and begins to transform the environment into a world not readily seen by its inhabitants.  These things ‘hidden in plain sight’, references how we could be so engrossed with our immediate lives that often it is not recognized that the world we inhabit is in a state of perpetual movement and transition which resonates beyond our level of perception.