Trace Elements

Trace Elements (October 2006 – November 2006) are a series of sketches in made in various media such as conté, pastel, India ink, charcoal and chalk. This is where I begin to visualize my thoughts before I work on a painting.  Sometimes I will reuse certain elements in these sketches in my final works. These images are the result of several layers, which stems from the theories of alternative science – that all living things operate on various frequencies above or below our level of consciousness but are slightly out of our range of senses. These landscapes were portrayed as spaces that exist above, middle and below our frequency level.


Details of a New World

Details of a New World (October 2006) are sections of a scroll drawing that spans a total of 378 inches (31.5ft) in length. Inspired by alternative science research on genetic manipulation and memory, the scroll is a visual depiction of a reality that is beyond what we create, worlds of higher and lower frequencies some of which are seen while others go unnoticed.